Osler’s 2019-24 Strategic Plan,

Going Beyond for Healthier Communities

They say “good things come in 3s”. 


With the release of Osler’s 2019-24 Strategic Plan, Going Beyond for Healthier Communities, in October 2018, that’s certainly true. Over the next five years, everything we do and every decision we make will be guided by our three Strategic Directions.


“This isn’t just a plan about the way we deliver health care,” says Dr. Brendan Carr, Osler’s President and CEO. “At its very core, it’s a plan about people that was shaped by the voices of staff, physicians, volunteers, health care partners, and most importantly, by members of the communities that Osler serves.”


Our focus on 1) Quality Excellence (safe, compassionate, high quality care), 2) Organizational Effectiveness (efficient and effective use of resources), and 3) Health System Leadership (changing the way patients access and engage with their health care), will inspire and propel us forward to improve the way people in our communities access and experience health care. 


“By 2024, people will be better able to manage their chronic diseases at home because they will have the tools, education and resources to do so,” says Kiki Ferrari, Executive Vice President, Clinical Operations. “That’s important because we know our population is growing, people are aging and the incidence of chronic diseases and complex illnesses are rising.”


People will also have better access to the services they need when they need them. That’s because there will be more coordinated care across the health system, and technologies will make it easier for people to connect with care and services in new and different ways. 


“Imagine being able to report symptoms to your care team from your mobile phone app, or have a virtual face-to-face conversation with your specialist,” says Kiki. “We all use technology to connect with friends, family and colleagues, so why not use it to improve the way we access health care?”


As Osler’s plan unfolds, we will be looking to patients and families to inform decisions along the way by inviting participation at key planning tables. 


“The most powerful voice in the room is often that of the person who is on the receiving end of services,” says Dr. Carr. “And that’s a voice that we will be looking to in a big way as we embark on this exciting new journey to champion a sustainable health system.”  


To learn more about Osler’s Strategic Plan and how it will translate into healthier communities, click here.

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