Porter Provides Patient-Inspired Care

Every Step of the Way

Fiona Irvine has been a porter at Etobicoke General for 21 years

Fiona Irvine is a well-known figure at Etobicoke General. 


You only have to spend a few minutes walking through the hallways with her to know that. It’s impossible to miss the many hellos, nods and waves from fellow hospital employees as she passes. 


Irvine is a hospital porter. 


It’s a role she’s proudly held at Etobicoke General for an incredible 21 years. She got the job right out of college, inspired by what she saw while volunteering at the hospital. It’s the only job she’s ever had and the only one she wants. “I love my job. I get to meet so many patients. I like being able to talk to them and to comfort them,” she said. 


Porters are invaluable members of the Osler family, transporting patients, equipment, medication, specimens and more from one place to another, supporting the delivery of safe, high-quality, compassionate care to patients. 


Like so many front-line staff, porters rarely stop moving and almost never sit down. On average, a porter at Osler takes 6,500,000 steps (4,950 km) every year and with Etobicoke General’s expansion in 2018-19 that may increase even more. 


But these additional steps are unlikely to break Irvine’s stride, whose motivation comes from helping patients and working alongside a great group of colleagues. 


“Fiona works exceptionally hard every day for our patients,” said Aaron Jones, Manager Environmental Services. “Everyone on our team and in our organization loves her.” 

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