Sun Life At Risk Diabetes Initiative a Bright Light in Battle Against Disease

Osler kinesiologist Josefina Berroya leads an exercise class as part of the
Sun Life At Risk Diabetes Initiative

Osler’s outpatient programs and services include those that support cancer, mental health, palliative care, diabetes, kidney, heart disease and many more.  Across all our programs, there is an increased emphasis around empowering patients to better engage in their own health care journey to prevent disease and disease progression. 


The deliberate shift away from reactive care to a more proactive approach is an important theme in our 2019-24 Strategic Plan as we look to develop innovative approaches and models of care that look beyond the patients of today to help those ‘at risk’ of becoming ill. 


This is especially true for Osler’s diabetes outpatient clinics which are among our busiest with 14,504 visits in 2018-19. The numbers are reflective of the need in the community we serve, where diabetes affects more than 75,000 people.


In 2018-19 we launched a new program aimed at reducing the long-term incidence of diabetes. Sponsored by Sun Life, The Sun Life At Risk Diabetes Initiative helps families discover how to easily incorporate healthy eating and physical activity into their lives to prevent the onset of Type 2 diabetes. 


Donna Pierre was one of the program’s participants. Her parents and brother were diagnosed with the disease and her own diagnosis is considered borderline. “My doctor says we can work toward delaying diabetes for as long as possible. I just need to do my part,” Donna adds. “The program’s sessions have been a real eye-opener and it’s encouraging to see that there are things you can do to prevent diabetes.”


Kinesiologist Rajan Dhaliwal said the program is unique because it give people access to professional dietary and kinesiology services at no cost. “Participants enjoy the hands-on experience because it helps them build the skills and confidence to apply what they learn in class to their everyday lives,” she said. 


The Sun Life At Risk Diabetes Initiative is open to anyone with an interest in healthy living. To learn more about the initiative or to register, click here.

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