Learning from the best. Osler helps educate the next generation of physicians. 

Osler paediatrician Dr. Prabo Dwight and his students check in on a 3-year-old patient and her mom

Brampton Civic paediatrician, Dr. Prabo Dwight, is not only a physician, he’s also a teacher. And the 3rd floor paediatric unit where he cares for some of Osler’s youngest patients is a ‘real-world’ classroom.


Dr. Dwight is not alone. Many of Osler’s physicians have embraced the educator role, eager to help train the next generation of physicians. In June 2018, Osler officially became a Clinical Education Campus within the Mac-CARE (McMaster Community and Rural Education) network of distributed medical education. As part of this clinical teaching hub, Osler provides excellent learning opportunities to medical students, residents, and fellows in Emergency Medicine, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Palliative Care to name a few. 


Through this program we are planning for the future by creating an organizational culture that inspires our people – current and prospective – to be their best and do their best, providing them with meaningful opportunities for engagement and development. 


“Osler has a unique and diverse learning environment which is both enjoyable and inspiring for our learners. This would not be possible without the motivation and dedication of our preceptors and education team who work together to strengthen our Medical Trainee Program,” said Dr. Kamil Haider, Director of the Medical Trainee Program and Regional Mac-CARE Director. 

Osler has long been a hospital of choice for family medicine residents through its well-established and highly-sought after McMaster Family Medicine Residency Program satellite site which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2018. You can read more about this milestone achievement and what it means to patient care in a blog by Osler’s Chief of Staff, Dr. Frank Martino.  

“One of the benefits of having a robust rotation of students and residents in our hospitals is that it increases our ability to recruit talented physicians who are already connected to and understand the unique needs of our community,” said Dr. Haider. 

Osler also recently partnered with McMaster University to bring physician assistants in-training to our hospital. Physician assistants provide a range of health services – everything from conducting patient interviews and performing physical exams to taking medical histories and formulating and implementing treatment plans. They are a new role being implemented at Osler and another of the innovative ways we are working to deliver safe, high-quality care to our patients every time. 

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